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  Our goal is to make the process of selling or buying a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what our clients have said about us: 


Ellice Kwak - Hello Linda and Bill.
Happy Thanksgiving! I have many things to be thanking for this year starting with a pair of extraordinary Realtors! A quick note to you both letting you know that you two are on the top of my thankful list. Have a great one! Folsom Ca.

Diana Skinner - Bill,You did a really nice job..Thank You SO Much !! DianaPS I like both of you..and that's important. It is nice to work with someone I would choose as friends! Lincoln Ca.

Mark Middleton - Good morning Bill,
Thanks for getting the house updated on all of those sites.  It looks great! Antelope Ca.
Rowena Lee - Thanks so much Bill for staying on top of this and doing a great job! We appreciate it! Antelope Ca.
Peter Namvar - I got the listing it looks good can’t believe we already have offers!! !thank you for the great job……Elk Grove Ca.
Curt & Lum Klayman - We both think you and Linda are great, and agree that we have found the right agents to battle for us Fair Oaks Ca.

Marty & Sandra Olson - Saw the lock box.  Appreciate the updates.  Keep in touch. Roseville Ca.
Barth Maher - Doing fine Bill,House is great and my daughter is loving the pool thanks again for your hard work! Rancho Cordova Ca.
Eric & Susan May - Hi Bill & dad wanted your number to refer to his financial advisor who has a client in Lincoln wishing to short sale her home.....I forwarded your guys number to my dad.....thanks for all your hard work!!!! Rocklin Ca.
Hank & Sue Davis - Hi Bill,
 We had two more agents show our home this afternoon, and we are expecting another around 3:30 PM Do you want their email addresses or their phone numbers? Marty and Ellen had someone coming through their place today also. We are getting your BCC's (thank you). We were really impressed with the flyers, too……Roseville Ca.
Luis & Miryam Rosello - Thanx Linda for enlightening me.  We're very appreciative of your dedication and professionalism, and we're extremely grateful that you're on our side! Orangevale Ca.
John & Linda Norton - Hi Bill and Linda,
Thanks for calling with the update. I got the Listing Agreement e-mails just fine. Linda and I will go over them tomorrow and forward everything you need to get started. Great to work with you both again!
Thanks again, Lincoln Ca.
David Necoechea - Thanks you guys very much. Way to go nice offer!
Carmichael Ca.
Ed Robinson - Bill was an excellent agent and I have already referred a few associates to him. Sacramento Ca,
Arnie & Sharla Parks- Bill found us a home in 2 weeks and got our offer accepted. Bill did a perfect job and we have recommended him to our friends. Antelope Ca.
Randy & Patricia King- Bill was able to handle all my questions and was always very helpful. Roseville Ca.
Todd & Tiasha Freeland- Bill did a great job! I have referred him to everyone I know. Sacramento Ca.
Marty & Ellen Kashevaroff - Great Job guys! The internet ad really looks inviting.  You are really quick.  Hopefully the weather will clear for a few days so that people can appreciate all that this property has to offer for a mere $600K.  New Castle Ca.
Mon Saechao - Hello, Bill and Linda.  
I viewed the listing and pictures of my home and it looks great ! Thanks for working with me, execellent job done so far.  If you may need anything else from me, let me know. Sacramento Ca.
Curt & Lum Clayman - So, it looks like we have done it! You said you would sell our house in 30 days at near asking price, and by God you did it. Out of all the agents I talked to, you guys were the only ones that didn't want to just roll over and accept the standard. One agent wouldn't even come out and look at it unless I agreed to list no higher than $185K. We really appreciate your efforts and positive attitude. I truly mean that. Fair Oaks Ca.
This is great. Thank you SO much for keeping close tabs on developments. This is a major event and I am feeling very anxious especially since we are on the last phase of the close. I cant thank you enough for everything. I know it's late--so thank you for the reply tonight. Have a great one. Folsom Ca.
Many Thanks,
Hi Bill & Linda,
Thanks very much for getting back to me about the offer. I really appreciate it and only wish everyone would be as professional. I'll look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Good luck in all you do.
Earl Neff
Ellice Kwak, Folsom Ca
I talked with my local grocer about you and Bill. He was impressed by the way you and Bill handled the negotiations. He runs a local grocery/meat market called Folsom Meat Market. This shop serves up to 75% of the ethnic communities in Folsom and the surrounding area. It's a very tight community and business is conducted through 'word of mouth'. He asked to have a copy of your business card so that he can post it on his store's bulletin. The customers he cater to view him as a source of information. When I come to your office on Monday, I'd like to pick up at least two business cards from you. One for the grocer and the other one for my neighbor down the street who is thinking about putting his house on the market next Summer. Thank you so much Bill & Linda. This is terrific news. I can't believe after a year of agonizing over whether I should list the house on the market I am finally here. I have to tell you that part of the indecision was finding the right agent(s) to represent me. I've heard so many horror stories from friends and others that I had many concerns in moving forward. My concerns were further compounded by the collapse of the housing market putting sellers further at a disadvantage. It was imperative to identify the right Realtor(s) to represent me in a very tough situation. You and Bill are the "dream team". Your experience and negotiation skills made ALL THE DIFFERENCE and I will make certain that my work colleagues and the my neighbors know.
I will be more than happy to be a reference for new prospective clients. So, feel free to refer them my way and I will be more than happy to provide my experience with you! Reach out to me if any of your prospective clients are interested in a reference. I will put together a letter of recommendation that you can also share w/your clients.
Many Thanks,
Bill, you're such a trail blazer.  Way to go!! 
The photos and ad are beautiful. If I wasn't relocating, I'd buy it again.Thank you,
Loraine Citrus Heights CA
WOW! Unbelievable . Carry on experts. I am so glad Susan and I banged into one another for now I am working with two outstanding agents.  It appears you both are in a BIG way!  I am so impressed. Thank you,
Janice DeFelice Newcastle CA
Dear Steve,
You can not go wrong with Bill and Linda. They are the best! When we interviewed potential agents to list our home, we got the same unenthusiastic response repeatedly. Everyone said we were expecting too much, it would take months to sell, and we would have to lower the asking price to compete with bank owned foreclosures. Bill and Linda were completely different. They came out, noted all the positive aspects of our home that set it apart from the foreclosures, and said they were not afraid to list it for what we wanted even though it was substantially higher than the going rate. They immediately began a high energy campaign using the internet as a main tool with virtual tours and multiple listings. The response was incredible. We had calls for showings right from the first day, and had an offer for nearly the asking price within weeks. Our neighbors were amazed. Bill and Linda were always available and responsive, and never gave us any bull. When the buyer's bank appraiser came out to inspect the house, Bill and Linda were there making sure he noted all the improvements and features that made it's value more than the so called "comps". The result was we sold our house in 30 days for what we wanted.
In addition to being 5 star agents, they are great people and I'm happy to say we developed more than a business relationship. We consider them friends.I can not recommend them highly enough.Sincerely,
Curt Klayman Fair Oaks Ca
I want to close all your deals!!! I work with so many realtors and I don't know any that work as great and as hard as the two of you!!!!
Linda Alonzo, Escrow Officer with Stewart Title of Roseville
WOW! You made my home look so nice with photos! I live here everyday and see the things that need to be done but seeing the 'big' picture makes me realize how great it looks threw another person's eyes! Now if we can get the price. Thanks!!!!
Judy Rakela Roseville Ca
Bill & Linda, It was nice to meet you both we are very excited about the house. Thank you for helping us get the offer in and accepted quickly.I have already dropped the check in the mail, so you will have to fill in the title company name
Paul Vergnani Antelope Ca